Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rich Sibling Adult Night

This year for our Rich Siblings night we had a Mexican Fiesta a few days after Christmas.
Here's a shot of everyone.
Here's a shot of the Mexican deliciousness!
We were LOVING it!  Nice work Honey!
Joanne is definitely the hostess of hosts!  We had appetizers (shrimp favorite) and pina coladas!  Only actually being in Mexico would have been better!
We exchanged gifts.  Joanne gave all the girls these fun and festive bowls.  I got a red one and LOVE it!
There is Coby sporting his new hat and club!  I bet he's anxious to try out that new club in the spring.
Marse NEVER fails to liven up the party!

I love that we have a sibling family party.  It's so fun!  No kids (well, mostly no kids...Cole was too little to be left home), good food, presents and an amazing family!  What could be better!  I certainly LOVE this Rich family of mine!  

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