Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning with the boys

Merry Christmas Bedford Falls...I mean...Merry Christmas!!  (it's been a long night thank you very much!!)
Here are my sweet boys in their matching Jammies VERY anxiously waiting for Coby to let them downstairs to see what Santa had left for them.
We always have them open their stocking first.  Jaden got his own water bottle and head lamp.  (He LOVES flashlights...and because he LOVES to take them apart even more...we have to hide our good flashlights)  It was not good the night we lost power and could only find pieces of all the flashlights in the house!
Corb also got a head lamp and a Lego Watch.
Jadesy was excited about his new catcher's glove...now he can play catch with Coby and Corb and even try to catch a ball at the Buzz games this summer!
Jaden's big present this year was a scooter.  I love that Corbin was super excited to show him how to ride it.
Corb got more ski gear and his big present was a rip stick (a funky kind of skateboard).

It's been a Christmas like no other.  Coby lost his job in the middle of November.  Our insurance ended the day the Coleson was scheduled to be delivered.  Poppy ALS continues to progress.  Coby found another job almost identical in pay and benefits.  We brought home a sweet, beautiful and healthy baby boy.  This year we didn't get caught up in gifts.  This year we cut back and spent a little more quality time together and it was truly a GREAT Christmas.  I feel so very blessed to be where I am today.  To be married to Coby.  To be mommy to 4 amazing little boys.  To have a close relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I am blessed.  Oh so blessed!  Merry Christmas!

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