Friday, December 28, 2012

Colie Pokie...a month in review

Can I just say that I'm absolutely IN LOVE this little bundle of chunk??!!  Well, I AM!  He's so snuggly and sweet!  
Today is Colie's 1 month birthday!  To say that he's grown is quite the understatement!  

He eats constantly!!  When I say constantly, I mean like every 1 to 2 hours!  He's a bit of a snacker!  I remember Jack and Jaden snacking during the day, but at night they would eat every 3 to 4.  NOT Colie Pokie here!  He has maintained his 1 to 2 hour feedings every single night as well!  

He has the softest hair.  I love when he's sleeping on my chest and I can rest my chin on his head and just breathe in his sweet newness.  He's so cuddly and LOVES to be super warm.  He HATES getting baths.  He screams like we are torturing him!  We've even gone as far as keeping the bathroom super hot and steamy...He is NOT a far!  Maybe that will change in the next few weeks.

He sleeps alot, but he's starting to be a little more awake and loves to look around.  He loves to lay in front of the tv and watch ESPN.  NOOOOOOOOO!!  Coby is so proud!

He is definitely a momma's boy.  If he hears my voice, he instantly becomes a fussy and wants me to hold him and "hook" him up!  :) Which I do happily and I know Coby is happy to relieve himself of a fussy gus!  

The boys ADORE him!  Jaden has even come around.  He loves to try and give him a binky (which he takes a bit better than the other 3).  He loves to get in his face and tell him..."'s okay baby or Colie Pokie...." and then tells me "I think he needs your boobie mommy."  NICE!  

He hates sleeping in his pack and play.  He prefers to be nursed to sleep and then sleep in between Coby and I. I LOVE it!  Coby is NOT a fan!  (We are both super soft sleepers and don't move much while I assure you, Cole is safe! )

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