Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Family Night

We've been so BUSY this month...but FINALLY managed to get out to the pumpkin patch.  Who cares that it's October 30th!!  
So, after the stake truck or treat, we headed next door to the pumpkin patch and let the boys go crazy!
Cole was loving his wheel barrel. And by loving it, I mean he loved to pick up any pumpkins he could, put them in his wheel barrel and then dump them out!  It was pretty cute!
Jaden LOVED this baby pumpkin!
Then it was home to make scary monster face pizzas.
After a quick clean up, the boys couldn't wait to starting working on their pumpkins.  Jaden was VERY you can see by his "concentration" tongue!
And then there was PUMPKIN GUTS!!!!
Jaden didn't quite know what to think or all the "guts"...but Corbin got a spoon and went to town!  :)  Just teasing!  
And don't worry about this little crazy boy...he walked around on the counter picking everything up, smelling it, and saying "gose" (grose), while Coby finished up Jaden's pumpkin masterpiece. 
And there you have it folks....the fru-its of our labors...or Coby and Corbin's labors!  :)

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