Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!
This year we didn't really have a "theme".  But at least we still dressed up!  We have a gory zombie skateboarder, a super awesome fireman and a fluffy/grumpy Dalmatian and then there's Maverick and Goose.
Our typical goofy shot!
Here we are trick-or-treating.  Cole was very interested in the decorations.  He loved the candy....but wanted to hang out and sit on their porches.  He'd knock on the door then say, "che cheet", get his candy, say "ganks", then promptly sit down on their steps for a break!  To say that trick-or-treating took a while....was quite an understatement!
And here's Coby and I...i mean Maverick and his sidekick Goose. couldn't tell because my badge was on upside down??!!  :)  Isn't my Mavrick HOT!!  Aviator glasses, a little scruff on his face...ya...I'm pretty lucky!!!

Today was super fun!  I dressed up in a crazy super hero/crazy purple socks pulled up to my knees costume, got the kids ready and headed to a Zumba class.  LOVED that it was 90 minutes!  I have really enjoyed starting to go back.  I've only been going to the Zumba classes because they are SO fun and I forget that I'm even working out because I'm having so much fun!  Who cares that I dance like the whitest girl on the planet!  Or that I have ZERO grace especially compared to Marse!  :)  I'm trying to get Cole used to going to the Kids club before the Disney Cruise in January.  So far so good!
After class, we headed to my mom's for a quick visit, then grabbed a little lunch at Carl's Jr.  Prying Cole off the playground was a NO fun.  But at least I was taking him home to get a MUCH needed nap.  Only...he drank a ton of coke and refused his nap!  :(  RATS!  Thus explaining his FUN and OH so GRUMPY attitude!  Around 4 we headed to Coby's office for another little trick-or-treat.  Coby works for such a fun company!  Someone even brought in a llama!  CRAZY!  Then we were off to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood for the first time.  It was the PerFeCt and I mean PERFECT night for Halloween.  The temperature was warm and in the 70's.  It was almost hot!  :)Cute Ambie came over with her booted leg and passed out candy for us.  She's so awesome!  After a few meltdowns for our puppy...we opted to get Cole home and put him to bed STAT!  Coby and the boys headed to Joanne's for a little more Halloween adventure!  Wish we could have come...but there was NO way I was braving another minute with my grumpy gus Dalmatian!  ;)  
  It was a GREAT Halloween!  I think I'll go watch the Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin, eat ANOTHER kit kat and call it a night!  

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