Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lanae's Annual Halloween SPECTACULAR

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE this girl??!!!  
 It's definitely NO mystery that she is the QUEEN "Bee" of throwing the coolest parties!  
 She does it every year and I think people are starting to plan their vacations around it because it's that fun!!  No one wants to miss it because it's not only a blast, but it's super amazing just to see!  Made these fun cut outs and painted them herself!  I wish I had that creativity must be a trait from the Attaya side!  :)
 LOVING the back porch!
 Even the kitchen didn't disappoint!
 And then there was the food....this is only ONE of the you can imagine the others!  
 And there they are....a couple of "BOO BEEs"  Get it?!!  I love it!
 And cute Chad and Natalie's family always do themes.  This year they were Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  SUPER fun!  I wish our family still wanted to do themes!  It's getting harder and harder every year!!
 Here's a shot of some of Lanae's cute friends and I being a little silly!
And here's one last shot because it was just too cool NOT to include! are the queen of Halloween!  Love ya girl!  Thanks for making us a part of it!

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