Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

That face just about says it all!!

They LOOOOOOOVE their daddy...and football! 

This little boy couldn't get enough of Coby throwing into the air.

And this daddy couldn't get enough Jadsey kisses either!!

Honey is always such a hoot and always up for playing!  Jaden was in HEAVEN!!

SO cute!

Love this chubby little girl....(LIVVY Loo), her sunglasses and her momma too! 


Here's their little family....quite the lookers I might add!

And what would going down to St. George be if Corbin didn't get Uncle Lance to help him capture Lizards??!!  Poor Poor Lance!  But he's always such a GREAT sport about it!

Later that trip we went on a hike in Zions.  To begin to say that it was gorgeous was an understatement!

Corb was excited...uh...maybe a little too exited!

Love Lance in the Daisy Moby wrap...I think it brings out his eyes!  :)

Jaden stealing in a little "Poppy" time!

This time I think POPPY was in heaven!

Me and my baby!

All of us at the top of Emerald Falls. 

Pat and Anna-Lisa our Event Coordinators!

Those two were inseparable.

Love this family shot of the 4 of us.  If Jack were there he'd be hugging my left thigh!


This one didn't make down the hike.

It was a really tender moment that we were able to share walking down.  The scenery was so beautiful.  I was loving being able to snuggle with Jadesy.  I know our days for snuggling are numbered so I take full advantage whenever the situation presents itself!  I love this little snuggle bug.

POSERS!!  Just kidding...I think we made them do that!

Honey brought all the fixins' for dying Easter Eggs.  Everyone was having a BALL!  Love Sammi's little green monster hands!



Jadesy wasted NO time digging into the candy found!

Coby had a fun idea and put little cameras on the Sammi and Corb while they searched for their Easter Eggs.  It was pretty fun to watch the footage.  Sammi was especially hillarious!  She finds this egg.  Opens it up and the jelly beans spill out.  You see her look to her left...then to her right.  Once she realizes the coast is clear she starts burying the dirty jelly beans in the rocks.  Pretty cute!!

This was Jadesy's first Easter Egg hunt and by the end I think that he was really getting the hang of it!

Corb is already a PRO!

Honey is such a sweetie to get it all organized.  She really knows how to make things fun!  All the kids just adore their HONEY!

He's a quick learner!

He's already a PRO at eating the candy though!  Didn't need much training there!

Later that day we headed back to Salt Lake and had a little dinner at Lanae's house with my side of the family.  Always a Treat!!  I just can't seem to get enough of this cute girl!

Amber was a trooper and helped Jadesy on his 2nd Easter Egg hunt. 

Corb made out like a bandit!

It's official.....he's a PRO!!

Look at him go!

And to the victors go the spoils! 

Happy Easter everyone!  I am so grateful for such an amazing family.  I am reminded of this Easter Season and am grateful to reflect on the reason for it.  I am truly grateful for the Atonement.  I have always had an appreciation for it, but it wasn't until Jack passed that The Atonement brought on an entirely new meaning.  I am so grateful for my Saviour.  I am thankful that our Heavenly Father loved us enough to send Him to save us.  To make eternal families a reality.  I am so grateful that He broke the bands of death and made it possible for us to return to live back with our Heavenly Father someday.  Sometimes "Someday" can't come soon enough.  I miss Jack but I KNOW...I KNOW that I will be with him again.  He is NOT gone...he's just someplace else for the moment.  He's busy and I'm happy to know that he's doing the work of our Father.  Today I am so grateful for this knowledge and for the gift of our Saviour. 

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