Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sommy and Drew's BIG DAY!!!

And I think that smile says it all!!!  Introducing:  MR. AND MRS. ANDREW WRIGHT!!!




 Isn't she STUNNING??!!!!

Our Burton Family

Crazy Uncle Bob in the background!  I think Lanae told me that he was getting into other wedding photos (for people he didn't know) on mine and Coby's wedding day.  So funny!  Gotta love that CRAZY guy!

Three beautiful sisters!!

And there's my cute dad ready to capture everything on camera.  He's always been like this since before I can remember.

Cobe was able to get a few cute pictures while waiting for Sommy to come out of the temple.

OH I just wanna SQUEEZE them!!!

After pictures we were off to the Lion House for a little lunch...or breakfast...I'm not sure which...but we were all STARVING!  Then home for a much deserved nap.  Coby, my dad and Bob went skiing....

  This is how my dad came home...poor guy!  

We are so excited for Sommer and Drew.  She was beautiful.  The day was snowy...but ended up being beauitful....cold but beautiful still the same.  I am sure going to miss my little Schlimey, but I'm happy that she's so happy with her Mr. Wright!  :)  

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abbyandcompany said...

congrats to summer! She looks fab and I love her veil/whatever. It's so classy and feminine. Your poor dad, he looks like he skiis like me!