Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Bros a 'chillin'

I know...I know...maybe not so "chill" here...

I love that Jades LOVES to be with his big brother...and Corb loves the admiration I assure you!

One day after school, I popped some popcorn for the boys and they both got on the couch and munched their little snack together.

I love moments like this when they are buddies and I can feel that old familiar happiness deep deep down!

If you look closely you may just see one more little/big brother right in between them.  You really have to squint though!  Miss ya Jackie Joo!  If you were here...I may even splurge and get the BUTTER popcorn!  :)


Sunshine Promises said...

Just had to stop by and thank you for all the love and support you have offered me. It means so much on this stinky, sucky journey. And yet, in the face of it all, there are beautiful lessons, experiences and friendships had along the way that make it all a little more bearable. Thanks for being a respite from the storm.
xoxoxo -

Sommer said...

Ooohhhh I am going to miss my monkey and toad!!!