Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Zoo with the old Gang

Here's our old gang from Michigan.  Gee, I don't think we've seen each other since Bear Lake Last September!  That is WAAAAAY too long.  We decided to go to the zoo.  What we didn't plan on was the fact that it was some sort of Military Day and was Super crowded!!


But it was SO gorgeous outside that NO ONE seemed to notice anything else but how good it was to see each other!  Even the Tiger was Thrilled...SEE!!!

But the HIGHLIGHT of the trip was the Carousel.  Corb got on the Prying Mantis and since Jadesy is our Turkey toad...the TURKEY seemed only appropriate!

Corb and Calista

Jaden wasn't exactly thrilled when it was time to exit the we tried to a turn on the squirrel before they kicked us off of course!!

Here's MR. HAM himself and sweet little Nelson...the BEST BABY IN THE WORLD!!


Can't believe how big Andre has gotten!

And Kendyl??

And Calista...are you KIDDING ME??!!!

Where on EARTH has the time gone??!!!  Wish we all lived closer.  It's never enough time when we all get together.  I'm looking forward to another trip this summer...MANDY...when are you inviting us to the cabin??!!  :)

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