Sunday, May 08, 2011

"It's Mother's Day...didn't you know?!!"

Happy Mother's Day!  This morning Coby and the boys surprised me with Breakfast in bed. Corb was so sweet.  He made me a mother's day flower in a pot that he hand painted and got me a silver necklace that says "Mom" and little heart earrings.  

He's been sooo sweet today.  He came in and woke me up telling me he made homemade pancakes with sausage and fresh orange juice.  I love my flowers too.
Corb:  "Happy Mother's Day....DON'T COME DOWN STAIRS OKAY......We're doing a surprise for you....and you can't peek."  
Me:  Yummy....It smells great...
Corb: Ya, and we even have a present for you too.
Me: (eyes wide) what is it??!!  
Corb:..."Oh no you don't...Dad said not to tell you no matter what!"
Me: Just one little hint...please....?!
Corb:  Well, okay...WAIT...I CAN'T....Wait...let me ask dad first okay?"
He comes back a few minutes later and says, 
Corb: "I just can't tell you mom..."
Then he leaves and as he's leaving I ask him to close the door.  He turns around and cutely says with a sweet smile on his face..."Oh, sure can have whatever you want today...It's mother's Day...didn't you know?!"

A little bit later, all three of my boys (maybe even one more that I couldn't see) came upstairs to summon me to breakfast.  It was perfect.  Corb colored a picture for me that says he LIKES me...hmmm....and Coby told me that he was taking me to see Les Miserables in NYC in October.  I can't wait!!!  Coby is by far the GREATEST husband EVER!!!!!!  Love you baby!

Yesterday my cute friend stopped by and dropped off a little something from "Jack".  She really is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met.  I'd love to give her a shout out, but she's also one of the more humble people I know and I don't want to make her feel anything but the gratitude I feel for her.  I just love this girl.

I love the little boy praying.  I do think it looks like Jackie.  The name of the figurine is called "Peeking".  If you look closely, you can see that the little boy praying is actually trying to Peek during the prayer.  I KNOW that that's EXACTLY what my sweet little Jackie might be doing right now if he were here.  So, this figurine makes me smile because I can actually picture him Peeking at us!  I like to think that he Peeks at us all the time and when we start to notice that something is off...he's closes his eyes and is gone again.  I miss him.  I wish he were here...OH how I wish he were here.  Someday...right Britt!!

This has really been a GREAT Mother's Day.  I certainly miss my sweet little Jack right now.  I wonder what he would have been doing to aid in the 'festivities' this morning.  I would really give anything to see that smile and not on film....But I am grateful for the other little smiles I am so blessed to see each day.  I love these little boys more than anything in this whole world.  They teach me so much each day and make me want to be the person I need to be so that we will indeed be that tightly woven eternal family someday. My heart is full of happiness, tears of joy and sorrow and gratitude to my Heavenly Father for blessing me so abundantly.

This post is dedicated to all mothers out there.  Especially my mom, Joanne and Grandmother.  I miss my Grandma Burton more than I could ever say.  She along with my mom and Joanne are the very image of what all moms should be.  I have been very blessed to have the privilege of calling them mother in some form.  

This post is also dedicated to all my mommy friends and angel mom friends.  May you have your day filled with love and happiness and may ALL your children be close...even if you can't see them.  Love to all you!


Lanae said...

Happy Mother's Day to you beautiful girl! What a sweet hubby you have, he sure must love ya! And what cute kids; I love them all. I'm going to work on posting tonight, you've inspired me. Let's play soon pretty little girl. Loves, Little

Melanie B said...

Holy Picture update Batgirl!!!! So many things to comment on. Such a darling girl you are, cute people you know, and what fun times you have! My fave of all at the moment are the swimming pics of Jades. See you tom!

Mama Jo said...

Beautiful pictures and words. You are getting to be quite the writer. Thank you deeply for the mothers day tribute! Sure do love you and your boys!
Happy days ahead!
Love, M/Jo

abbyandcompany said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day that was. How fun to go to NYC in October. Coby you are the bomb. Have I ever told you I think you (Tiff...okay, you too Coby) are ah-mazing? Well, I do.

Sunshine Promises said...

Friends like that are MANNA from heaven! So glad you have one (or more). Happy belated Mother's Day from another mother who "knows."

Anonymous said...

Tiff, I love you so much, I am so sorry I missed Mother's Day with you. Thank you for my sweet gift of bring me back home. Som and Drew gave me a beautiful picture framed of Christ, so you see This was a wonderful mothers day for me even tho I wasn't near you all. You Tiff have taught me so many things, as I watch you with those sweet little guys, I wonder where did Tiff come from, what a happy baby you were in our home, when you were a little girl and smart at that too, who knew all the stories in books and knew if Daddy would read to you and he missed a word or lots of words in the book before the page turned, you would say... No Daddy that's not what they said... and turned back to the right page, you and your sisters were smart little girls and loved to be read too!!! love you so much!!!