Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jadesy Baby...my little Turkey Toad

On this particular day he was helping me make cupcakes for Jack's birthday.  He's a VERY good helper...as you can clearly see!!

I could seriously EAT this baby up!!!  He is getting cuter and cuter every single day.

Here are a few things that he's saying and doing now:

"Dank Yoooo" (Thank you)

"No" (which really means YES) and when you correct him to say Yes...he says "Ya"

He can hold out his 5 fingers and tell you that he's "twooooo"

When we ask him a "who wants...." question he raises both his hands and says, "MEEEE"

He still loves to say "GOOOO" everytime we're holding him and about to go down the stairs with this cute little cheesy little grin on his face.

He LOVES to "bonk".  I'll carry him in my arms and "bonk" his head (GENTLY) into things around the house like the wall, or a picture hanging on the wall, the door...etc...  HE LOVES IT!!  

Occasionally he likes to go around the house "Bonking" his own head, but looks back to make sure we're watching and then cracks up laughing!

He LOVES to give kisses....to EVERYONE!

He's very friendly and will tell EVERYONE "Hi" as we're walking through any kind of store.

He'd prefer to sit in Corbin's Booster seat instead of his carseat.

He still LOVES balloons!!

He's still a TERRIBLE eater and likes any sort of candy.  He couldn't get enough of the little raisinettes at Bear Lake over Memorial Day.

He can say, Honey, Poppy, Poosh (Poochie), Pup, No No, Uppy (up), Down, Opal (Open), Bobble (bottle), Bonk (when he hurts himself), Daddeee, Mommeee, Owwwwww, Bye Bye, Baore (Bear), I Do, That, Money, Bunny, Ear, Sommie, Ammie (Ambie), Num Num, That,

Love that he says, "Aaaahhh....Aaaaahhh....Chooooo"

He loves his super soft blue baseball jams and I can hardly get him to put his clothes on.

He's getting pretty tricky when it comes to picking things up at the grocery store.  He's figured out how to get away with putting things on the conveyor belt at the register.  The other day he put a big box of Mike and Ike's.  I didn't notice because I was putting loading my groceries on to it too.  When I got home I was looking over my receipt and noticed that I was "wrongly" charged for the candy.  I brought in the groceries and started putting them away.  Jaden started "searching" and found his  box of Mike and Ikes!  What a stinker!!
Later that week I was in Walmart (Hell in the form of a store) and was checking out again.  He was on the other side of the check out isle with my mom.  Then all of a sudden he come running full force towards me and literally throws a twix bar onto the conveyor belt without even stopping until he got to the credit card thingy and waited.  It was so cute that I couldn't say No!!

He loves to be clean.  After I bought that Txix bar he "needed" it immediately.  I gave him a piece and he of course got it all over his hands and face.  I handed him a few wet wipes and was pleasantly surprised when we got home and he had gotten about 75% of all the chocolate off!  :)

He loves to push his little bubble lawn mower all over the place...but especially down the street.

He thinks all animals are called "Bups" (Pups)

He likes to pick his nose and hand me the boogies and say, "Ewwww".

He thinks burps and farts are funny!

He likes to stick both his thumbs out and say "AAAAA" like the Fonz!

He prefers sitting in the grocery cart as opposed to sitting in the front seat.  Makes shopping OH SO FUN!!

He is still our WORST eater!!  He loves to drink his meals.  In the morning he loves to drink Coby's Chocolate Protein powder.  We recently ran out. I just assumed Coby would throw it away since it was GONE...so when Jadesy dragged me into the pantry this morning and pointed to the empty container of protein powder on TOP OF THE SHOE RACK....I was surprised.  He's a smart one!  He can find anything!

He knows and can pick up on most things that we say.

He knows the way to Nana and Honey's houses.  On the way to Nana's house there balloons on the car dealership and Jaden always points and says, "Nana...Nana..."

He loves to read stories before bed.  His favorite are the "Three Baore's" (Three Bears) and the one about Jesus.  He LOVES when we make funny voices for the characters in the books.

He doesn't like to go to bed if he thinks there is more fun being had without him downstairs.

He loves to ride in his wagon and be pulled by Corbin.  

He loves and adores Corbin and tries to do everything like him.

Here's my little cheeser!!

He still loves to clean the toilet.

He loves to Skype with his Daddy when Coby is out of town.  He constantly yells, "Daddeeee....Dadddeee" 

He loves his white and blue blankies.

He has a bit of my "mean-ness" in him.  He finds joy in pinching or hitting us if he notices that it bothers us!  :)  Then he laughs and laughs and wants to do it again and again!

He doesn't like to share his food (Coby used to say, "COBY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD.")  Well, I think Jadesy got that gene!

He loves to blow dry his hair til it's sticking straight up.

He loves brushing his teeth.

He has the cutest little waddle run!

He's still my best little Snuggler and I LOVE every single second of it!


Sommer said...

If you ask him to say "sommie" he can and will. Oh I miss my toad and my monkey. I miss my whole family. I am missing so much!! Give the boys big hugs for me and tell them Sommie loves them.

Anonymous said...

I love love love those boys!!! and my sweet caring Corbin who would give his new toy to someone who wanted to play with it first and he would just watch then play with it. Corbin has a big heart and shares everything. What sweet loving boys they are, I am so proud to be their Nana!!!