Friday, May 20, 2011

Corbin's Kindergarten Western Program

There's my little cowboy (3rd from the left).

"And a cowboy needs a horse and rope and a....."

I just want to eat that cute little cowboy up!!!

There's our happy little "cowboy" kindergartner!!

He was so cute.  He had a line to say during the program.  One girl said: "What time is it when your horse sits on a fence?
Corb (very dramatically shrugged his shoulders while he said, "Time to get a new fence..."  It was HILARIOUS!!!!

Corb and his best friend Bryson.

And there are Corb's Honey and Nana to cheer him on!

Corb's kindergarten class put on a Western program.  The whole class was sooo cute in their little cowboy hats and wooden horse.  They sang a TON of cute songs.  And I have to admit that I even got teary eyed when they started singing "Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys."  He's my BABY....!!!  I can't believe that Kindergarten is coming to an end. Where on earth has the time gone??!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love that little guy who is just growing up so fast,before I know it he will be all grown up. Time goes by so fast. I remember Corbin's momma at that age and in kindergarden, and her mardi gras carnval that she was in and her picture in the newspaper in New Orleans.We still have the picture, her grandma burton made her costume. She was a cutie and still is right along withher sisters!!