Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday my favorite 2nd Baby!

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!  Today you would have been 4 years old.  I wonder what you would have been doing and saying.  I bet you would still love food!  And "dipping".  I know Jadesy has LOVED it.  We miss you so much I can hardly breathe.  There's NOTHING in this world I wouldn't give for just one more hug, slobbery kiss, giggle....I'd take ANYTHING!  Our home will forever have a void because you aren't here filling it with your sweetness.  I know that you come to visit...but it hardly seems like a visit when I can only feel your presence and never see those beautiful blue eyes of yours.  We're having a little birthday party for you tonight.  I'll even save you one of Camille's cookies because they are definitely worthy of Heaven!  I know you'll be there.  Save me a hug... (I'll do another post tonight as we send lots of balloons your way.  Hope you'll catch a few.  Corb says that if you find one with some money on it, to be sure and give it to Heavenly Father....  I could be wrong but tell Him that it isn't a bribe...unless you think it will help your chances of coming back to us baby.  :)  )

MISS you more than I could ever say baby.  Happy Birthday Jackie Joo!


Sommer said...

I sit here on my bed with tears streaming down my face missing "little" Jackie! It is so heart is so full it could burst I am so happy but there is a void in it all at the same time! I miss my family and I miss Jackie like crazy!! Drew helps!! I wish I were going to be there tonight! Drew and I unfortunately have an insane day today...we wanted to volunteer somewhere but instead we bought a little toy that we thought Jackie would have loved at this age and we are going to go give it to the children's hospital in Portland. Afterward we are going to the beach at Seaside, OR for the weekend. Chris, Tally, Jackson, Lukey and Bud are all going to help us celebrate his birthday this evening on the beach since he loved water so much. I think he would have like that. We are going to let off 4 blue balloons! It's the best we could do. It isn't going to be the same without everyone else but it will do. I am sorry I can't be there but Tif you have to know that I am everyday amazed by your strength. Remember today is a celebration, a day that Jackie was always happy!! Keep it that way!! I love you!! :)

Lanae said...

Hey honey, I'm so glad I got to see ya today, and I'll see you tonight for sure.
When I'm with you you're just so much fun and I want to just smile and laugh with you. But when I'm all alone I'm really sad on these days. I wish you could hold your baby one more time, and kiss those chubby cheeks. I wish Jack could pick you one more yellow flower. I wish we could all sing happy birthday to him one more time. I got a lot of tears out this morning, so hopefully I won't be a cry baby later tonight... but I love you sweetie. I'd do anything for you. You mean the world to me.

margaret said...

Thinking of you and Coby today. Love you guys!

The Rich's said...

Thanks for including our little family in the birthday party for Jack! Samantha and Mason were so excited to send their balloons off to him. I love you so much, you know you can always call me if you ever need anything. We are thinking of you and Coby and sending our love your way!!!

Sara Lou said...

Happy birthday jack, sorry we couldn't be there buddy! Hope you guys are doing ok, i know the pain will probably never go away, but i know he is happy. We heard about Corbins twenty dollar bribe, we thought that was pretty cute, but i don't think he accepts bribes unfortunately. Just wanted to let you guys know that we love you and we're thinking about you.