Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Rhonda-la aka Ambie Pants

Who are those GOOFY girls??!!

Corb is IN LOVE with this cute girl!!

Happy Birthday to my cutest baby sister.  It's hard to believe that she's the little sister that once said over the pulpit at church (during the primary presentation):

Amber:  I am Ambuuur (Amber).  I'm yowr chiald (your child).  I am a chiayld of God too (child of God too).
or "Tur-dal" (turtle) as she and my mom went on bike rides together and would pass by the pond with the turtles.

She is such a sweetheart.  I sure do love her.  AND I couldn't be more excited for her to move to UTAH!!!  FINALLY!!!  Truthfully, though, I didn't think it would ever really happen!  At any rate, I am SUPER excited that she is here!  CORBIN on the other is ECSTATIC!  Every time she comes into town Corb would say, "Mom...how many more days until Ambie gets here?  Is it one or two or like four or how many more??!!"  OR..."I just can't wait for Ambie to get here because she's gonna sleep on the top bunk with me and we're gonna snuggle!"  OR "Mom, do you think Ambie will like this game (on the wii)?  I sure hope she likes it....I guess I'll let her be Weegie (Luigi)....Ya...she likes Weegie the best."    Jaden is in Heaven too.  His cute little face just lights up when she's close.  And she eats up every second of it too.  She's definitely a good little auntie!

This girl has a heart of gold and I am super excited that she is finally here.  Wish our Sommie was closer so we could all hang out together.  LOVE my sisters!  Happy Birthday Ambie Pants!!

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Sommer said...

I would also love it when she would say, "Funny, funny, funny" as she move her head side to side with each word! I love it! Happy Birthday Booz!