Friday, May 20, 2011

Jack's Birthday Celebration

 Jack's grave decorated with handwritten cards made during FHE.  Corb was pretty cute he even taped up a toy car.  He said, "Jack will LOVE this Mom."


Our little family....minus one.

 We invited our family to write notes on balloons to send off to Heaven for Jackie.

Jordan was there to send up his love too!

I love the fun little note Sammi wrote (For Jack   I haven't seen you in a long time.  Love Samantha Rich)

Love this tender picture of Whit helping little Caydin.

Jadesy just waiting to LET 'HER RIP!!

As Jadesy would say..."Dowwwww" (Go)

All day it's been rainy and gloomy outside.  But just as we all arrived at the cemetery the sun...the marvelous sun came out.  I think Jack may have pulled a few strings for that one...maybe!

And how can you NOT be in LOVE with that beautiful face??!!

Caydin and Jadesy found a grave with lots of fun things!  We kept trying to get them away from it....but these little stinkers kept making their way back to "Play"!!

Oh....they LOVE each other!!!

This is the little grave that is near Jack's.  I always joke that she's his little girlfriend.  She lived almost to the day of how long Jack did on the Earth.  I wish I knew her story.  My love goes out to her parents.

Our happy supporters!!

My "Little"

Here's my Whitters and Little!  And if you look closey you can see Jack.  He's that little sun spot by my face.  He was there.  I'm sure of it!

Today was a hard day.  I think it's because Jack must have been close.  It's interesting to note when certain days will be hard.  It's really hit or miss.  I think that today was harder than Jack's Heavenly Birthday in September.  I always know when he's near because I can cry at the drop of a hat.  I did do that today.  I just miss him so much.  I know that Coby feels the void and equally misses his little boy too.  We felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many WONDERFUL people. So many people took the time to think of us and let us know that they were.  They brought over treats of all kinds and cards and even diet coke (which I'm saving until June 1st) just to show us that they cared.  It's always amazing to me just how many caring people there are in the awful world.  I do believe that there is definitely MORE good than bad.  It's obvious today for sure.

I hope Jack got at least one of the balloons.  I miss you baby boy!  Come and see us sometime.  Until we meet again (any idea??)....I'll be loving you with all my heart!

Mom and Dad and Corbi-Mac and Jadesy


abbyandcompany said...

Maybe blogger will let me comment this time...Jack you are so loved and missed! I think it's so sweet that you take time to celebrate 16 months with him here on to you......

Sommer said...

I sooo wish I were there with you guys!! I was missing you guys soo much!! I couldn't help but think of you on Saturday and how you were secretly hoping that it was going to be the end of the world! Haha! Don't worry, he said he had his calculations wrong it is October 21! One more chance! (I think this is his 4th - I am not sure he should get anymore) I love you guys!!!

Lanae said...

Love you so much.
XOXOXO, Little

Miss Molly said...

I love and adore you. You have me in tears sweet Tiff. So much love.

Anonymous said...

Alex was my neighbor and in my ward for a short time when we got split. She was run over in her driveway :(

Posh Petals said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Jack! You are so missed. Love you Rich's!