Sunday, May 22, 2011

Corbin's First "CRUSH"

A few months ago, as Coby was tucking Corbin in for bed they had an interesting little conversation.  It went a little something like this:

Corb: know Emma in my class at school?

Dad:  Emma M.? (just incase there are any sickos out there...I won't post her last name.)

Corb:  Ya....I really like when she wears bows!  :)

It was PRICELESS...absolutely PRICELESS!!!

Yesterday Corb and Emma had a little playdate.  They were jumping on the Trampoline.  They had both been chasing each other playing some sort of Tag.  At any rate, Corb must have been leaning too close to the opening of the little fence around the tramp and when Emma "tagged" him...he fell out.  He got hurt a little, but was all little boys are in front of the girls they like!!  :)

When we got home from the cemetery for Jack's Birthday Celebration we found these little notes taped to the door.  IT WAS AGAIN...PRICELESS!!

But the BEST part was the note from Emma's friend Avery.... It reads:  I'm Sorry Corbin that EMMA pushed you!!!  LOVE IT!!!

On another note, they played again a few days later and as we were dropping Emma off at her house Corb says,   "I love you Emma!"

Emma:  (gives a weird "Uhhhhh...." look and walks away.

Me:  So Corb, you love Emma?

Corb:  What...uuuhhhh ya.  And I love cars, and trees and YOU...and....!!

These kids are super cute and it's so fun to watch them interacting with each other! 

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