Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anna-Lisa's Baby Shower

Whitney, Marse, Joanne, Sara and I hosted a little baby shower for Pat and Anna-Lisa's soon to be little bundle of joy.

Marianne is SO talented!  She's always coming up with the most awesome decorating ideas!  It's always fun to be a part of the party when you aren't the one decorating for it!  :)

Anna wanted a ducky theme and I think it came out QUITE great!!

Seriously, who comes up with a big blow up ducky bathtub for a fruit arrangement?!!  MARIANNE that's who!!  BRILLIANT!!!

And then there's Whit....HELLLLLLOOOO Yummy!!  These cookies literally melted in your mouth.  I think I had about 35!!

But the ducky cupcakes were the show stopper!  The waves looked like actual water waves!  It was just perfect!

I was in charge of the drink...and I think the ducks may have had a little too much to drink...if ya know what I mean...wink wink!  Just kidding!

Coby's Aunt Ann and I.  I just love love love this lady!!

We all went in on a gift for her and here is one of the outfits little Amelia will be wearing.  Quite adorable if I do say so myself!

Anna and her mom

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the duck theme - darling! And the drunk dunk comment - LOL. You are a riot.