Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Birthday Party for Poppy "Bee's" Style

Just me and my Monster!!


Who's that little hottie??!!

 Who is that crazy girl??!!....YIKES!!!

Some of the Rich gang.  Honey and Jadesy....I think Jadesy is thinking about something very PROFOUND INDEED!!


Me and my baby!

This year for Poppy's birthday we went a Bee's game.  It was super fun!  Honey and Poppy are so cute with all the grandkids!  Jadesy mostly wanted to run up and down the stairs to our seats, so Coby and I took turns with him.  I had a chili dog and it was LOVELY!  Then we all got to watch the fireworks.  I think they knew we were celebrating Poppy's birthday!  Jadesy like them at first...for the first 2...then he HATED them.  Hmmmm...wonder what the 4th of July will hold for us??!!

At any rate....HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPY!!  We love you!!

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