Saturday, November 03, 2012


Today was our first Utah game of the season as a family.  And it couldn't have been a more beautiful day!
It was so cute to watch the boys.  Jaden ESPECIALLY got way into the clapping.  He'd stand up and start clapping his little hands as hard and as fast as he could!  It made me laugh every single time!
Jaden had a ball being next to Coby and cheering on the Utes.
So did Corbin!
The half-time show was pretty cool because they did a salute to our Nation's Armed Forces!  Then let a TON of red, white and balloons into the air.  The boys both got a pretty big kick out of it!.
Jaden doesn't usually wear hats, but felt like the Star Wars was the hat that seemed MOST appropriate!  I, on the other hand, could barely fit into my Utah shirt!  (Only a few more weeks.....)
The game was fun....and a totally blow out!  I think we left when the score was 42 to zero!  Corb was so cute, he'd keep listening for the announcer and would say, "YEsssssss" every time he heard that the U scored another goal.  He's so cute!  He loves football lately...I'm certain it's not from me!  And loves to talk about it with his dad! 
Jaden was enjoying the loooong walk back to the car on his daddy's neck. 

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