Thursday, November 08, 2012

A tribute to Miss Billie Hollady

My cute friend Kellie and I share a LOVE of Jazz music!
She was able to find us tickets to see a tribute to the late Billie Hollady.
Her mom is also a fan. 
So we dressed up as "jazzy" as we could and settled in for a reproduction of Billie Holladay's last show. The setting was perfect!  They set the room up like an old jazzy bar.  It was very cozy and intimate and then got the performance of a lifetime.  I learned alot about Billie Holladay tonight.  She was more than just a woman with an amazing voice.  She had a pretty hard life and while she did much with her career, after all the drugs and poor choices...she died fairly young.  It made me a little sad for her.  I wished she could have really known her worth as talented woman.  She could have done so much more.  It's really a shame that she didn't stick around long enough show us.  She's in a better place now and I'm sure that she's probably up there singing with the Heavenly Choir.  I wonder if she ever gets a solo part??!!

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