Monday, November 05, 2012

Heads or Jesus

I seriously LOVE this little boy!
Today we needed to go grocery shopping.  Every time we go to Smiths I give him a quarter for the gum ball machine.

Today this is how our conversation went:
Jaden:  "Mom, do you want  Heads or JESUS?"
Mom:  "What?  What did you say?  Did you say Heads or JESUS?"
Jaden:  "Ya mom, DO.YOU.WANT.HEADS.OR.JESUS?!" (very slow and drawn out...just so that I understood what he was asking me.)   

He hands me the quarter and shows me "Jesus" 
I'm not exactly sure how he got Jesus out of this picture...but I thought it was pretty cute still the same!


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Sommer said...

Drew thinks the toga looks like Christ's robe and the crown looks like His crown of thorns.