Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 days and Counting

Well, here we are 10 days away from welcoming another bouncing baby BOY into the mix.  I'm so excited to meet him soon.  We are still undecided on names thus far.  We still like Greyson Jacob.  But last night Coby said he really liked the name Cole.  I have been telling him that I liked the name Coulson for months.  Coulson is a Rich Family name coming from Charles Coulson Rich.  I'm not entirely sure how much we love the spelling.  I think Coby likes Coleson best...and truth be told so do I.

I am having TONS of Braxton Hicks contractions.  Some are so strong that they can bring me to my knees in pain.  But they are so sparatic that I can't count them as "real" contractions.  And this baby LOVES to live inside my ribs.  I keep trying to push him down...but there is literally NO ROOM!  He's still very active and tries to move around alot.  It always makes me happy to feel his little life growing inside my every growing larger belly.   Jaden and Corb are pretty cute with my belly.   They both come up to me and kiss it.  Jaden asks me everyday if the baby in my tummy will wear diapers and then follows it up with the question:  What do I wear?  UNDERS!!!  He's a funny little nugget!

Speaking of every expanding bellies, I think I have gained the second most weight with this one.  Almost 40lbs as of my last Dr.'s appt.  I tipped the scales at exactly 150lbs.  YIKES!  Oh well, what can I do about it at this point??!!  NOTHING!  So, I"m not going to stress about it.  I worked out nearly 5 times a week during this pregnancy...and I can only hope that it will help the recovery process once I have this little critter.  I'll be happy when my legs can fit back into my boots.  I LOVE wearing tall boots in the winter.  It's sad however, that I have to petition my boys and Coby to help me put them on!  It is a challenge to say the least!

 I've had Heartburn like crazy this pregnancy.  I wonder if this kid will have loads of hair??!!  I'll be happy to NOT have to hold my breath when bending down to do anything!

Only 10 more days and I have SO much to do!  I can't believe that it's almost time!!!

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