Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A big warm welcome to COLESON JACOB RICH

Here we are...ready to have this baby!  I was scheduled for a 12:00pm C-Section.  This is the last picture before I get to meet this cute little boy that sits on my bladder and kicks me in the ribs constantly!
Here I am all prepped and ready.  I had a little anxiety as the put the blue curtain up.  I told Coby that I didn't want to even hold our baby when he was born.  I think the drugs were making me tired and I was NOT looking forward to all the pulling and tugging and the aweful pain that comes with having a C-Section.  Coby held my hand, smile so sweetly and reminded me that it was going to be okay and that I don't usually like them for a couple days!  NICE...!  I think he was kidding...but I can't be too sure!
And THERE he is!!  Mister Coleson Jacob Rich!!
He was born at 12:38pm.  He weighed 7lbs 12 oz and was 20.5 inches long.
Here's our first kiss!  Coby was wrong I DID love him instantly!  And I did want to hold and love him after he was born!  As they took him out, they held him up and he screamed...and then promptly tried to pee on me!  I told our Pediatrician and he told me that Cole was just trying to mark his territory!  :)  BOYS!!
Here's Coby holding this beautiful little bundle straight from Heaven.  He even smelled like heaven...after he was cleaned up of course!
Here are Dr. Thackaray and Dr. Barton finishing up.  They did such an awesome job!  From start to finish I was in an out of that operating room in 40 mins and back in our room, 10 lbs lighter with an extra little boy to add to our mix!  :)
Later that day, my mom brought Corb and Jaden to meet their new little brother.  (Who didn't get his official name until the next day)  We just couldn't completely agree!  Once Jim and Joanne got there, Joanne wrote all of our name choices on the white board.  The list included the following:  Coulson, Coleson, Jacob Cole, Jace, Dillon, Nolan, Heff-ta-lump-tus (Winne the Pooh and the Hephalumps) (Jaden's name of choice), and Edwin or Eddie (Joanne's name of choice).
Jaden couldn't wait to get his little hands on his new little brother.  He felt like such a big boy!
Here are Honey and Poppy getting a glimpse of their newest little addition and grandchild number 13! 
Well, here he is in all of his fresh from heaven glory.  I can't say enough about this little boy.  I am so happy that he's here.  I am so grateful that he's safe and healthy.  I feel so blessed to have yet another little boy join our family.  I'm sure Jack was there to escort him here. I wonder who else of our family came down to send him off?  I felt my Grandma Burton in the room tonight as I slept alone in my room.  I have loved being able to spend time with Coleson in the early hours of the morning.  I'm so exhausted and quite sore from the surgery, but when I hold this little boy in my arms, I know that I'm right where I am supposed to be.  I love being a mommy to 4 beautiful little boys.  It's the thing I'm most proud to say that I am.  I love this feeling.  I don't ever want it to change. I hope that years from now when our life is a different kind of hectic and all of our children are here, that I be able to read this and remember just how blessed I am right now.

I love everything about him.  I love his big beautiful lips and soft baby skin.  I love the little squeaks that he makes.  I love that he sleeps so nicely on my chest and that he's already a PRO at nursing.  I think he's going to be a snacker like his brothers! He so cute when he opens his little eyes and tries looking around.  He wrinkles up his little forehead.  He sleeps with his mouth open like Coby.  He hates being cold like me and does NOT like taking baths because of it so far. I hope he will be a good sleeper.  

My mom has been such a trooper in taking care of our boys.  I don't know what we'd do without her.  I sure do love her!  I've had so many awesome friends and family come to visit me here and I feel so grateful and blessed.  

Here's to new beginnings!

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Laurie said...

Tiff, you give such good blogs on your families. I love you little girl with all my heart...Thanks for sharing them with me.