Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Each year our family does some sort of theme...this year was a little harder so we had to be creative!  :)  Coby and I dressed up as Juno and Paulie Bleeker.  (The high school couple that gets prego), Corb was Gingko (Beyblade) and Jaden was a dragon...but liked to refer to himself as "EL Drago" from Beyblades.
And what kind of family picture would it be if we didn't get a glimpse of Jack and Pup in the background??!!Here's Paulie Bleeker and I (Juno) as we walked around the neighborhood with boys. Here is our FEARLESS Dragon and Gingka. 
Our cute neighbor Summer had a cool ghost near her door that the boys really got a kick out of.
Just like Corbin, Jaden has a crazy passion for things that are scary (TOTALLY FROM ME).  For the last few weeks, Jaden has been having Coby and I drive by the "scary Halloween house".  Corbin did the same thing when he was 3!  As you can see, this house never ceases to be creepy with it's countless bloody and rotting bodies scattered all over the yard.  Jaden couldn't wait to get an up close peek at all of the gore!  :)  They are DEFINITELY my children!  I wonder if Jack would have liked it as much as we do??!!
Coby took this picture and gave me a look and then said, "You've become "that" lady"!!  As in "that" lady that gives out pretzels in a bowl with a note on the porch!  Well, I had to!  I didn't want to buy chocolate because, well, I'd eat it all before Halloween.  Pretzels seemed like a pretty safe bet! 
Here are the pumpkins we carved earlier this week.  I think they turned out pretty cute!  

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