Friday, October 26, 2012

Ward Halloween Party

 Every year our little family chooses a theme and dresses up for Halloween.  This year was a little trick for a couple of reasons.  Number one...we're getting larger in number and I can't bring myself to buy everyone brand new costumes when there are perfectly usable ones in the closet.  Number 2:  I'm LARGE with crazy kickin' little man child and NOTHING fits anyway!
This year Coby and chose to go as the main couple in Juno.  I'm the pregnant teenage girl Juno and he is her naive basketball playing boyfriend.
Jaden recycled Corb's old Dragon costume.  He's such a silly willy lately!  He LOVES to pretend to dramatically "fall" on the ground.  Infact, he's constantly "falling" everywhere we go.  It's pretty nasty most of the time, because it's usually in some sort of store.  Corb had invited his friend Coleman to come and they never sat still long enough for us to get a picture of them.  I'll have more pictures to follow of Corbin in the upcoming week wearing his costume.
Here is my cute friend Camille and I.  She dressed up as a Japanese Geisha complete with chopsticks in her hair, a commono and these awesome little wooden shoes.  VERY creative!
My cute friend Kellie dressed up like Paris prison!  She had on sparkley heels, sunglasses and even a bag with a stuffed dog!  :)  She looked "Hot!"
Here are the Seibenbergs.  We have 2 snow princesses, a geisha, baby YODA and a very wise Confuscious!
Love this little Yoda!  Isn't he a cutie!  

Every year I make a pot of chili for the Ward Chili cook off.  This year I decided to show off my New Orleans roots and make some spicy red beans and rice.  It was a hit.  VERY spicy, just the way our family likes it!  My mom came over and we spent the day hanging out and making our red beans spicy and creamy!  Thanks mom!  We love our ward and have really made some amazing friends.

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