Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween at Honey and Poppy's

Every year for Halloween, Honey always throws a super fun shin-dig for the fam.  It's always so fun! Even Bobby, Sara, Duncan and brand new little Charlie drove down from California for the party!  She put each of her children in charge of one activity.
Here she is making her witch's brew.  She was so funny!  She had blacked out her tooth and talked in this high pitched witchy voice.  The kids were completely in awe as they watched her throw in frogs and spiders and all things creepy.
Anna-Lisa came up with glow in the dark balloon faces.  They were way cute!  The kids had fun putting their glow sticks inside the balloons and then drawing scary faces on their balloons.
Then Uncle Ben read a scary story about a Fly and a Spider in a fun accent.  
We were in charge of the donuts on a string contest.  I'm pretty sure that Jaden and Lou may have kissed...
Honey has always had a fun dress up closet.  This year she gave every kid a bag of dress ups and they had to put their costume together as quickly as possible with whatever she had in the bag.  Here's how Jadesy looked!  It was HILARIOUS!  He LOVED dressing up...clearly!
Next, Poppy judged the dress up contest!  They LOVED every single second of it!
Since our Poppy is now in a wheelchair, Marse made him a sweet little costume to fancy things up!  It was so cute!

We always have such a ball at Honey and Poppy's house.  They are always so fun and always ready for a party!  A great time was had by ALL!

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