Thursday, October 04, 2012

8 Months Preggers

Well, here's ME in all my big girl glory! 

I've been going to physical therapy the last couple weeks and I have to say...I'm pretty sure Esther Smith cured me!!  On the first visit she gave me a few exercises to do.  I did them for 2 days and hurt worse than I've ever hurt in my life!  The pain was EXCRUCIATING! 

 I went back in for a follow up check up and Ester noticed that I waddle.  Honestly, who hasn't noticed my recent waddle!  :)  Basically, she figured out that I was babying my left side.  She had me concentrating on walking straight.  I continued with my exercises after my visit and then went back a few days later.  

And wouldn't you know it....the pain was about 90% gone!!!  GONE I tell you!  I feel so much better!  I can do lunges without getting that shocking pain up my leg into my back.  It's AMAZING to feel good again!  Now...if only I could get my bad eating habits in check and have the scale at the dr.'s office be a little nicer to me...I'd be one happy pregnant girl! As of the last Dr. Appt I am 142lbs.  YIKES!!!  That's 33 lbs I've gained!  NO GOOD!  That is NO GOOD!  I'll just have to work extra hard after this little nugget is born to get it all off!  I can do it!  I KNOW it!  Anything is possible after I had Corbin!  :)

We haven't decided on any names...we just can't agree!  I LOVE Nolan, Coby loves Jace (which I actually do like but with Jack and Jaden...there are too many J's), Corb loves Dillon and Jaden says he likes Nolan.  I think I should be the winner of the names since I have more votes!!  Oh well...we still have about 9 weeks to think about it!

  I went to my dr.'s appt the other day and officially have a date's going to be either the 30th of November or Dec. 1st.  I like December 1st because his birthday would be 12/1/12...very cool!  Coby wants the November 30th because it's a Friday...then he'd get a longer weekend!  :)

I recently got a cold.  The first real one for this SUCKS!  I can't take anything. I think I've gone through 2 boxes of Puffs Plus Tissues in the past few days and I'm coughing like a chain smoker!  :)  My throat is feeling better but after I cough I'm totally wheezing as I breathe!  NO FUN!  I am keeping my sweet Coby up at night  and fighting the urge to give my boys lots and lots of kisses.  I'm heading to the good ole' Doc tomorrow in hopes of getting a Z-pack to take me away!  :)  Welcome to cold and flu season right??!!  Yay for the upcoming season of sickness!

***Follow up Visit***  My c-section is scheduled for December 1st 2012 at noon or possibly earlier if we can get a time.  My weight stayed the same...SHOCKING! And I have a viral no antibotics, unless it lingers til Monday of next week.  But other than that everything looks good.  From Dr. Thackery's prospective!!  


Ashley said...

Look at you! You look great at 8 months! It's time to meet in real life, because if you only weigh 109 lbs not prego (yes I did the math) you must be one tiny girl! I really do still want to meet you :)

Could you do me a favor? Could I get you to send me your address? Don't worry, if you forget, I'll just send you an e-mail. I just wanted to wish you luck on this last little stretch. I'm excited for you to have another little boy. And I hope that pain stays away.

Anna-Lisa said...

Oh my tiny sweetheart - I weigh 142 and I'm not pregnant! I'm still voting Nolan too!