Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bear Lake with friends

Every September we meet up with our good friends the Stevenson, Archibalds and Siebenbergs and their families.
Siebenbergs got there just after us and Sam wasted NO time finding the most coveted seat in the house...the small wooden Bear Chair.  Jaden was happy on his turtle stool and the two watched a movie...really close up!  :)
The next day was a BEAUTIFUL day and the kids took full advantage.  Sam and Kenna found the airplane teeder totter.
Then Jadesy and Nelson took a turn.

Corb and Kenna took time for a little R&R on the raft. (Later I found out that they took a shower together....Corb was a gentleman and kept his swimsuit ON during the shower)  Thank goodness because we want to KEEP the Seibenbergs as our friends!  :)
Jadesy and Nelson anxiously waited for all the dads to get back from Golfing.
Nelson loved playing with the trains that poor Bettie must have set up about a billion times - Thanks Jadesy for continuously knocking them down!  :)
In between knocking train tracks over, Jaden found us some crowns and we danced like princesses!  :)
Here we are hamming it up!
Seibs were GREAT at playing games and Sam ROCKED at Sequence Jr.
They played Monopoly.
Brett worked on his swing
Don't mess with Lance or he'll shoot ya!  And it turned out to be the case with Jaden.  Jaden was standing behind him as he was golfing into the lake.  The ball ricocheted off a tree and came back and hit Jaden right in the neck.  We were pretty lucky it didn't hit his trachea.  Lance felt pretty bad!
He was a sad little duck for a minute...but after some "high coco" he was a happy camper!  And other than a red neck...there was no permanent damage done.
The kids loved just sitting and playing in the sand.
ALL the kids!! By the end of the day, Pup was one worn out girl!
Coby was able to grab a shot of the beautiful sunset. 
After dinner, we decided to go and grab Raspberry Shakes.  Jaden is patiently waiting for his and saving us a table too.
I'm sure the Seibs will LOVE us capturing this little candid beauty!
Lance had to get Cookie Dough AND Hot Chocolate!
There was this cute little elevated area behind the tables that all the kids snuggled together and enjoyed their ice cream.
By this point, Corb was SICK of the picture taking!

And even though none of us were camera ready...we had to take advantage of getting all of us together in the same picture!
Here's a shot of all of us after we'd eaten our share of ice cream.
The next morning was a beauty and we were sad that we had to leave and head back home to Salt Lake.
Seibenberg Family
Our little family

It's always so nice to head up to Bear Lake for one last hurrah with some of our best friends.  We treasure every single chance that we're able to get together and catch up, way too much and make enough memories to hold us over til the next time!


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So Fun!!!! You guys got some GREAT pictures. And seriously, I love all your make me laugh so hard. Love you guys!