Saturday, September 15, 2012

Corb's first Color Run Race

Today was Corbin's FIRST EVER race!  Corb is always sad that he can't do the races with his dad, so Coby signed him up for the Color Run.  

Jaden was a little TICKED that he wasn't included in on the race.  I wish I could have done it with them.  This S.I. joint of mine has really been acting up due to the pregnancy, so I was a NO GO this race.  Next time Bubba...I promise!  :)  

Pat and Anna-Lisa did the race too!
 After the race, Corb "showed" Jaden what COLOR was all about!
It took him a couple of minutes....
...but he got the hang of it!  All over COBY! 
I'm not sure who liked it more....the the giver of the color or the receiver of all of the color dust! 

Corb and Jadesy had a ball just being with their daddy! Cobe is their hero and they want to be with him every single chance they can!
 One more Color fight....
Then a big JUMP for joy!  
And one last shot of the whole family.
I am so proud of Corbin for running the race today!  He actually ran it!  Cobe said he walked a few times, but overall, kept up with him.  I am SO impressed!  There is NO way I could have run 3 miles at his age!  Then, he SPRINTED into the finish line.    I sure do love these boys of mine!  Way to go Corbi-Mac!!

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