Saturday, September 22, 2012

Piglet Plunge 2012

Today was Corbin AND Jaden's first EVER Mud Run.  Coby ran the earlier and then met up with us so the boys could do the piglet run.
I love the look on Jaden's face as his dirty, muddy daddy is touching him.  He wasn't so sure...but Corb couldn't wait to get dirty!
Jaden was a stinker and made Coby carry him on his shoulders for most of the 1 mile run.  Their daddy was a TROOPER!
After sliding down the muddy water slide (that didn't have much water on it) I think Coby's shoulders had had it and down Jaden brave the dirt on his own.
Being the great big brother that he is...Corb was showing Jaden just how fun JUMPING into the mud with BOTH feet could be....
And down the hill they went a sloshin'...
Here's what he looked like by the end....that's ONE DIRTY little boy! 
And there are my boys in all their "dirty" glory!  They finished the race!

I'm so proud of them!  I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband that adores his children and takes them on little adventures with him.  Thanks to my mom for helping me today...there is NO way I could have done it without you either!  :)  LOVE my family!

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