Thursday, September 20, 2012

Corb loses his first...tooth

Well, it FINALLY happened!!  Corbin McKay Rich LOST his first tooth! 
He's had a loose tooth for about a week now.  He wiggles and wiggles it.  It totally grosses me out!  Which probably makes him want to do it more!!
But yesterday at the school library...his little tooth decided it had had enough and jumped ship!
He was SO excited!  He's been waiting for along time.  All of his friends have all lost at least ONE tooth.  In fact, we're reading a Ready Freddy Book called, "Tooth Trouble".  It's about a boy named Freddy who feels like he's the ONLY one in the whole school to NOT lose a tooth!
 He's making a weird face in this shot...but I love how focused he is on showing off his tooth.
 He wanted to draw a picture for the tooth fairy and leave it under his pillow tonight.  He's such a goofball!  **(I don't know where he gets it!!)** 
 And promptly at 6:30 am...he wandered into my room holding his Tooth Certificate and a crisp $5 bill!  Since it was early, I convinced him to lay back down and catch a few more zzzzzz's.  And that worked for about 3 minutes when I heard him exclaim...very excitedly, "MOM...I just lost another one!!"  My eyes popped open and I told him to go to the bathroom and get it cleaned up, but to be really careful not to lose it.  It wasn't even 5 minutes later that I heard another loud burst of excitement!!  "'ll never believe it...I lost ANOTHER one!!"  At this point I'm thinking...CPS is going to be paying us a visit for Child Abuse!  THREE teeth in less than 24 hours are you KIDDING ME??!!!  But I have to admit, I did the EXACT thing in 1st grade once I realized that these worthless little teeth landed me a little extra dough!
So, there you have it...2 more little teeth...and a pair of dirty hands!  After we took this picture he said, " you want to know how I got my teeth out?"  A little nervous for his answer, I nodded Yes.  And this was his response:  "First, I yank it.  Then I wiggled it back and forth and back and forth.  Then I TWISTED it until I heard (prepare yourself for this's graphic) two little clicks, then I RIPPED it out as hard as I could!"  GROSS!!!!  And based on my disgusted face as I made him pancakes for breakfast this morning, I could tell that I made his day by being totally grossed out!
Here is my almost grown up boy...short 3 whole teeth! 
Jaden was feeling a little left out from all the teeth losing...and wanted to show me that he still had all his teeth!  :)  Thank Heavens we still have a few more years!  

**Disclaimer** In an effort to get Corb to stop trying to RIP all of his teeth out at once...I may have mentioned to him that the Tooth Fairy has a 3 tooth limit per month.*** 

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