Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Longview Halloween Parade

Corbin attends the most awesome Elementary School.  Every Halloween they have a parade where each class dresses in their Halloween costumes and gets to "parade" down the halls of the school.  The kids LOVE it!
Jaden was especially looking forward to it!  He couldn't wait to get this "scarw-ee" dragon costume on and parade down the halls of the school with his big brother.
And Gingka (Beyblade)...I mean CORBIN couldn't wait to take his little Dragon Brother...who kept claiming that he wasn't just a dragon...but was "El DRAGO" from the Beyblades. 
Here's is a  cute little Gingka with a few of his classmates as he made it around the gym to show off his "cool" costume.
And here's Aunt Ambie and her "scaw-ree" little dragon!  My cute mom was there too.  I wish Jim and Jo could have come, but we didn't give them as much notice as they needed.  Next year!  :)

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