Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Sunday Silver Lake Walk with Poppy

 Fall is definitely in the air!  We had just gotten home from church and got a call that all the Rich's were planning to go on a little walk around Silver Lake with Honey Poppy.  We LOVE heading up the Canyon...especially at this time of the year.  So we bundled up and hopped in the car for a little adventure.
 Millie looked SO cozy!  I wished I could have fit in there with her!  :)
 It was SUCH a gorgeous walk and path around the entire little lake.
Joanne even brought "high" (hot) coco (as Jadesy calls it) as a little refresher after the walk.  Poppy did GREAT, but I think he was ready for a nap after it was all over.  It's always a treat to be with the Rich's...especially our sweet Poppy.

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