Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Family Trip to Cali

Our first night on the beach in San Diego.  It was SOOO pretty!  There were joggers everywhere...I was wishing I was the one running on the beach!  :)

I think he may be trying to "roar" here?  I don't really know! 

Me and most of my boys 

Oh please...just ONE little teeny tiny kiss??

Jades:  "ENOUGH MOM!!!" 

Here's Jadesy looking oh so happy as we waited for Cob and Corb to go on a ride in Lego Land.

I think that little light above Jadesy might be Jack!  He HAD to come to you know!

This was some sort of fairy tale water boat ride...kind of reminded me of the one in Disneyland and we were happy because it was one of the few Jadesy could go on.

Don't worry...he didn't fall overboard!

This was the highlight of Jaden's whole day in Lego Land.  There was this fun little kid playground section and Jadesy couldn't get enough of it!

Here's Corb posing with Lego Harry Potter

Just a little sprinkle or two won't hurt...I think?


Corb liked it....

Jadesy wasn't so sure

But he is sure about one thing...SLIDES!


Corb got bored of the little playground and soon found a ride to entertain himself with.

This was how Jadesy looked most of the time...."Please let me in..." (Puss from Shrek  eyes...)

Corb and Cob tried to squirt Jadesy and I on their pirate boat ride.  We had mad skills and were able to avoid their water shots!

This was a fun little place that seemed to occupy Jadesy long enough for everyone to go on a few rides.  He loved picking up all the balls.  He was in BALL heaven!  

Corb and I waiting in line for a ride...

A SCAREY ride...obviously!!

This ride was kind of like the Buzz Light Year Ride at Disneyland.  We got to fire off a lazer gun.  I'm just blowing my HOT gun off!  :)

Lego Land had this little Mini Land that was AWESOME.  Probably my favorite part of the whole park.  They had tons of cities...exactly like the city...only made up of legos of course. Here's NYC.  It was pretty sweet!

And since this is about as close as I'll probably get to Mardi Gras this we are in front of the New Orleans set up during a parade.  OH, how I miss that place...well, parts of it and some of the people. I could really go for a shrimp Po'Boy right about with a side of a piece of king cake!  :) Maybe one day Cob and I will go back and I'll get to show him my old stompin' grounds. 

Cob and Corb found this fun slide and were having a race to the bottom.

I think it's a tie!

I love that Coby took this picture.  When I ask why he chose the donkey he replied..."Because it reminds me of Jaden."  I thought that sounded weird until he followed up with..."You know...a stubborn ass!!"  And I couldn't argue with that!  :)

Here the boys are looking for dinosaur bones

I don't think he found a bone...but he did find a paint it still counts as a find!!  :)

After we called it a day at Lego Land we headed back to the beach.  Here Cob and Corb are playing a little football.  

Corb got mad at me and thought he'd "show" me by trying to dig up the sand in my direction.  Well, he certainly "showed" me!  :)


Jaden just LOVED this ball!  

I wish I could have gotten a closer shot of Cob and Jadesy here.  There were being so sweet together.

And here too!

Our Beach family shot....not such a good one!  :)  But we were on the beach and the sunset was spectacular!

Look at that hottie I get to see everyday!  :)

Jaden found a shovel

Not sure if Corbin is "roaring" again?

Gotta love that sunset.  Coby was brave and decided to take a dip and do a little body boarding.

He IS brave...I wouldn't set a single freshly painted toe inside that water!

But it certainly does look fun!

Oh, and here's Jadesy...remember the "stubborn ass" picture...well, here's the real life picture!  :)

Then it was off to dinner at a place called Islands.  It was so tasty. 

Jadesy was having fun...finally...coloring!

Then a little more fun!

Oh...tickling....who can stand it??!!  

Then a nice little smooch to finish it up!

I got the best Chicken Tortilla soup.  Wish they had one of those here!  :) 

A couple days later it was off to Disneyland.  Who would have thought that everyone else in California would ALSO like to come and hang out on this LOVELY, COLD and RAINY day???  Not us...that's who!

We tried to entertain the boys as much as possible as we waited in all the lines.  

Here we are in the Finding Nemo ride. Jadesy's first time.  It was pretty magical for him.  

And Thank HEAVENS for naps!  :)  Isn't he sweet??!!

Jades loved the carousel...I think I may have had a stomach bug because I felt sick the whole day.  (And don't even ask...I'm NOT PREGNANT!!!)

Corb is such a poser!  He had fun too!

Jadesy being fun again!!

Here's Corb kneeling next to Jack's stone.  Oh...we miss that little monster.  I wish more than anything I was pulling my hair out trying to contain two boys in the lines in Disneyland, while Cob and Corb were on a ride! I miss him. 

Here we are about to enter the "bug's life" movie.  I LOVE THIS part of California adventure.

Corb  was sooo fun during the movie.  Because it was 3-D, he tried so hard to catch all the little butterflies flying in front of him.  It was pretty funny!  He had a ball!

Can you believe that this was the ONLY family picture that we were able to get in Disneyland??!!  Next time we'll get way more!!  :)

Happy trails!!


Posh Petals said...

What a blast! I had no idea you were off to Cali! Looks like fun. Jaden is so not a baby anymore, he looks so big!

Anonymous said...

Tiff, that looks like so much fun!! Next time I am going with you!!! Ha Ha!! I just love the pictures and it all looked like so much fun. I am sure Jack was there too with you all in spirit. I love you sweetie and those boys are my heart!! Lady

Melanie B said...

Fer Cute!

Janee said...

What a great trip! I can't believe how big the boys are! Miss you guys :)

Sara Lou said...

Looks like a blast! Loved the beach pics! Miss you guys!