Monday, March 28, 2011

St. George and Honey's Birthday

We went down to St. George for the Honey's Birthday weekend.  It was pretty crappy weather...but did end up turning nice by the end of the trip...OF COURSE!!

Corb has always been our little explorer!  He couldn't wait for the rain to stop so he could resume his lizard hunting from last trip!!

It was a little windy!!

One night after dinner everyone went on a hike.  I am always amazed at Whitney and her courageousness!  She's about 9 mos prego with 3 active kidlings and she chose to brave the "storm" so to speak without her Benny!  Kudos to you girl!!  


Here's a cute shot of Jades playing on the stairs.  We were playing peek a boo!  It was a hoot!

Poppy came up Friday night and jumped right into playing with all the little monkeys!  I think Lu was loving it!

For Joanne's birthday we went to dinner at the Pizza Factory.  It was so tasty!

Jades was a bit (A LOT A BIT) of a PILL!  But the ENORMOUS breadstick seemed to calm him down for a minute or two!

Livvy Lou was cool with a pretzel!

Isn't this cake so awesome??!!  Marse came prepared in birthday STYLE!!

Honey is always nice enough to share the blowing of the candles out.  Happy Birthday Joanne!  We sure do love you!  Thank you so much for always being so fun and kind.  I know that I never try to trick you...oh wait...maybe I'm CONSTANTLY trying to trick you!  I wouldn't try to bother you so much if I didn't love ya!!  AT any rate...Happy Birthday!  So are you 23 or 24?  I couldn't remember??!!

Even Jadesy decided to get in the "boy" action and take up a round of putting!

Liv was LOVING the sand!


There's our dancer girl!

And our crazy air surfer!!  Monkey see....

Little Monkey...DO!!!

Jadesy had a ball running down the sandy hills!

 And falling too!

Charlie's Angels...WATCH OUT!!

This was my favorite though!  I think our faces explain it all!

I LOVE this shot of the boys playing frizbee together!




We had such a ball.  Wish Whit could have stayed a little longer to play in the sunshine!  Thanks Honey and Poppy, Lance and Marse for sharing the weekend with us!  It's so nice that we all get along so well.  I consider myself quite lucky to be married into such an AMAZING family!!  Love you guys!

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The Rich's said...

You know the main reason I came down was to hang out with you!!! It was totally worth it. Love ya!