Monday, March 14, 2011

My crazy fort building Corbi-Mac


This boy is the GREATEST!  He is so warm and loving and always doing something!  Today he decided to build a fort out of the stools in the kitchen.  

Here are a few conversations we had over the past couple days.  

Lately he seems to want to know "how much" something cost or how much it's worth.  I hope that phase will pass quickly!  I'm running of of estimates!  This particular day he was asking me how much something cost and I ask him how much he thought Jack cost.

Corb:  "Mom, Jack didn't cost any money...he was free."
Coby and I kind of laughed to each other.
Coby:  "Free...I don't think so.
Corb:  "OOOOOOH.....I have a good idea...what IF we paid Heavenly Father some money?  Then we could just get Jack early. would be get the money to Heavenly Father?  WAIT....I KNOW...What IF we got a DOLLAR tied it to some balloons?  Then it would go right up to Heaven.  Heavenly Father would get the money and then he'd send Jack back to us?!!  
 Me:  "That sounds like a GREAT Idea!"

Corb just BEAMED with his brilliance!  :)  I love how kids think!  It's so simple!  IF ONLY IT WERE THAT SIMPLE!  :)  I have a whole dollar right here and I would happily run to the store to buy out all the balloons just to make sure my dollar got to Heavenly Father if it would work!  If there were even a CHANCE that it would work!  :)

This afternoon Corb came home and wanted lunch.  Here's how the conversation went:

Corb: "Mom, can I have some lunch?  I want some of that stuff you call "PUKE".
Me: "Puke"...I don't call anything we'd eat "puke".
Corb:  "Here, let me show ya..." (He climbs up on the counter and pulls this out)

Clam I remember...I MAY have said this smelled like puke!  Well, it does!!!

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Sommer said...

I think you should make it a tradition to tie a dollar to one of the balloons that you always send up on Jackie's birthday!! :)