Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moab 1/2 Marathon with my Little

Back in January of this year, my cute cousin, Lanae and my Melanie thought we should all run the Moab 1/2 in March. 

Here I am "improving" my bib number.

Here we are HAPPY to be running!! 

Lanae found someone else who was also having a good time...and HAPPY to be running the race today!

Here is everyone at the start of the race. 

It was SUCH an amazingly BEAUTIFUL day!  I think the start of the race was near 60 degrees.  PERFECT running weather.  And what could be more perfect than running with your best friend from before I could even remember?  NEVER running out of things to say....EVER?  And having the view of the most gorgeous canyon I've ever had the privlege of running?  Well, NOTHING of course!!  Until....mile 9 that is!!

First of all...don't you love how I look like I fell off the side of one of the cliffs in the canyon and Lanae looks like she is about to head out on a date??!!!

My back started killing me at mile 9.  My legs felt great.  No horrible "stomach" thing a-churning in my stomach.  I had great songs...and and even BETTER partner in crime to make the time really fly by....but by mile 9 I thought I was dying.  My back felt like had suddenly developed a bad kidney infection or had suddenly developed "back labor".  Lanae was MORE than a trooper.  Lanae would walk with me....literally kneel on my back to try and loosen it....3.seperate.times!!  And added about 30 minutes onto her time...FOR ME!  OH I love this girl of mine!!  Thanks Little!!  I definitely COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!  You are my saving grace!!  And here's the awful as my back hurt (It hurt so bad that if I could have run away from myself...I WOULD HAVE)  I'd do it again with her!  Love ya girl! 
***On a side note*** if you ever want to go somewhere and want to get something FREE...take LANAE!  She can get about anything for free without even asking!  We went to this pasta restaurant (EVERYONE IN MOAB was there) at any rate, we wanted to get a gift certificate for my cute bishop that was generously letting us stay with him.  We walked in and went to the back where the registers were along with the kitchen.  I think a manager comes out and gets a glimpse of this pretty girl.  He asks us if we've been helped and I say, "Yes...but if you wanted to give us a bread basket, we definitely wouldn't turn it down."  He never once looks at me....because he's STARING at Lanae.  2 minutes later he's back with a hot basket of garlic bread and offers of red wine...on the house."  Ahhhh...the days of freebies with Lanae!  :)

**Mel would have DEFINITELY been there...but her cute little Zoe had a dance competition.  And if she even tried to run...I think we would have had to run her over instead!!  :)  Next year Mel...if I'm not prego!  :)  OR...we could just go on a girls trip and run a 5 mile race and call it good.  You in??!!  :)


Natalie said...

you're adorable even when you "look like you fell off the side of the canyon:)".
you're awesome:)!!

Lanae said...

You just make me laugh you cute little girly! What a fun race, every minute of it. And I loved just being with you the entire time. I'm the lucky one... so dang lucky to have you for my best friend, cousin, etc. you mean the WORLD to me! I love you so very much and you just make me smile. Love you! Little

abbyandcompany said...

how totally fun and what a gorgeous area! Love it. Good job! BTW, it's because of girls like you and lanae that prohibit me from living in Utah. I'm not cute enough and could never go anywhere in my jammies!

Melanie B said...