Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy GREEN day!

Today was St. Patrick's Day...aka WEAR LOTS AND LOTS OF GREEN day!  I decided to dye all of our food green today.  

Notice the GREEN milk, the scrambled eggs and even the pancakes were green.  

It was sooo fun to watch his expression and excitement as Coby would "Magically" turn everything green! Corb was so cute!  Coby "magically" was able to say a spell that changed everything green

Joanne...I mean the St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun even left Corb a little treat outside in the yard.  Corb was pretty excited!

Later that day we headed over to Lanae's house for an official St. Patty's Day part as only Lanae could throw!   We got there a little late...but still in time to go on a little Leprechaun hunt.  

Lanae had everything from face painting, decorating cookies to cupcakes with QUARTERS in them!  I must say...the cupcakes were a BIG BIG hit!  (**disclaimer**  Lanae sterilized every quarter and wrapped them all in foil before baking them so they were clean**)

Both these boys had a BALL! that frosting on your face??  YA...actually it is...A LOT of frosting!

LOVE this girl!  She definitely wins the FUNNEST MOM AWARD!!!

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