Monday, March 14, 2011

He's growing SO fast!!!


This baby is my little sweethart!  MOST of the time!

Here are some of the things he's doing:

He can say, Da-da, Momma, Momma-Da-da, Momma-Nana, Baaawwl, Ba-ba, Bobble, Dooohhh (Goooo), Nana, Yesch (yes), Ahhhh...(this can mean MANY things)...Boooon (Balloon), Juush (juice),  Nigh-Nigh (Night night), and who could forget the cutest little...Ut...OHHHHH!

He LOVES to be chased around.  He'll run..and if that's not funny enough....he'll turn around to make sure you are still coming and start laughing with that completely contagious giggle!  

He loves to be tickled and knows exactly what happening when we pin him down with his hands behind his head and start "buzzzzzing" and saying "beeeeees".  Then we buzz into his cute little armpits.

He loves to put on hats.

He loves to point out any sort of mess and is always willing to help you clean it up!

He loves to hold your finger and drag you around to go to all the various places he wants to go.

He LOVES balloons more than most things!  It's pretty cute because he loves pointing them out as we are driving down the highway and see them on all the auto dealerships.

He loves Cheetos.

He loves his blankies.  And when he's getting out of his crib he needs ALL of them...all three!  His white blanket that Jack loved best, a blue and white one that my Grandma Burton made and a really soft white one from Joanne.  It's pretty cute when he wakes up...he makes you practically clean out his crib...he hands you his blankets and any empty bottles.

He loves to put the cap of anything on and off.  But he has to have BOTH, the cap and the cap's other part.  

He loves lipgloss....  (hmmmm.....)

He loves drinking out of his bottle...I know....I know...I need to break this habit, but it's just so cute...I'm struggling!  

He tells me when he needs to be changed by pointing at his little crotch and then will go lay down so I can change him.  Is this a little sign that MAYBE he'll be a good potty trainer??  I sure hope so!!

There are lots of other things, but this is what I'm coming up with this minute!  More to come as I remember!

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Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

Hey There. My name is Kendra. I connected through the angel blog. I have started reading through your blog and want to tell you how i adore you. I feel so close to you esp. your march 2 (ish) post. sorry i cant remember the exact date. anyway the picture says it all but with every word you spoke. im amazed. you know my every word. my makenzie passed away over a year ago. i hate time. its always either to far since she was here or to far since ill see her again. i just need her. Just as you need your jack. i hope to keep in touch. you are amazing and i know you know this feeling. im here if you ever need a friend or to talk as well.
love kendra