Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kerstin comes for a visit

My GORGEOUS friend Kerstin and her BEAUTIFUL little girl Joelle came to SLC for a little visit.  We were super excited that we were able to catch up for a few while they were here.  We went to lunch at Paradise Bakery.  While we were eating, Jaden tried to annoy everyone there by pushing the little high chairs around making LOUD screeching sounds!  NICE....I got some "looks" and after I got a few looks of disgust from one middle aged man who obviously has NEVER been around kids...especially kids in UT...I decided to let Jaden run wild!  That's right...I'm THAT mom!

After lunch we decided to try our luck in World Market.  The kids had a ball and I got a few minutes longer with this CUTE ADORABLE girl!  I really wished she lived closer!  I had such fun memories of her while roommates in Provo. 

Isn't this little girl GORGEOUS?!!!  She definitely has some cute parents!!

LOVE this girl and her little girl!! 


abbyandcompany said...


Fortunately, I cannot see the pictures, they won't come up. MEAN!!

abbyandcompany said...

Okay, I see the pics. Kerst looks gorgeous and Joelle has hair! She is so cute...she is like John's twin!