Monday, March 14, 2011

A little Daddy time

Sure do LOVE these boys!  And they love their daddy even more. If Coby and I are matter what we are talking about, Corb will chime in and make sure I know that "Daddy's right YOU KNOW...!"  A little annoying, but still pretty cute that he LOVES his daddy so much!  Jadesy can't stand being away from him.  We have to distract him when Coby leaves for work or we'll have one sad baby on our hands.  He'll go to the back door and cry as he bangs his chubby little hands against the door.  Lately he's been calling me, "Momma", Coby..."Momma-Da-Da".  It's pretty darn cute!  I sure do love all of them!  I do wonder what Jack would be saying...probably EVERYTHING under the sun!  :)  Someday...I'll find out and it will be PERFECT!  I just can't wait!  :)  But for now...I will happily sit back and enjoy the sweet view with my Coby, Corb and Jadesy!  :)

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