Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Playdate at Hollywood Connection

Every Friday I get together with my "Little"...aka Lanae and her cute boys for a little play date.  A few weeks ago we both bought these SUPER cheap coupons online for passes to the Hollywood Connection. We both had never even heard of this place and we had MORE than a ball!  It was sooon fun!

There was a SWEET little dragon roller coaster that they even let little babies go on.  **Do you like how Corbin is picking his nose!!...NICE**

Corb couldn't get enough of it!  And it was GREAT because there were hardly any people.  So the kids were able to just keep riding whatever they felt like again and again and...well, you get the picture!


Even little Kayde's loved it!


I love this shot of Austin with his hands in the air!  CLASSIC!

Lanae was also having a ball!

Corb was loving BUMPING into everything with the bumper cars!


Austin was his little partner in crime. 

 The put put course may have been Jordan's favorite.  He finished all 18 holes!  :)  He's a trooper and may just be stepping in the shoes of his daddy!

This was the best we could do to get a group shot. The kids were just having way too much fun to stop and pose for the MANY MANY shots both their mom's were trying to take!  

SUCH a fun day!  Can't wait to do it again!

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