Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monkey See...Monkey Do!

These boys melt my heart...especially when they are playing together.  Jaden is crazy about Corbin...just like Jack and wants to do everything that his big brother is doing.

Corb is such a little tease!  But Jadesy just eats up every single second...even if it is at his own expense!

Yep...they are monkeys!!  And I LOVE 'EM!


Lanae said...

I love them, too!! I love those little boys! OK, I had the BEST time today - we have to go there again ... sooooon!
And I love all the pictures. Your boys are just too cute. And yes, I do want to hire Jaden. I need him to come and clean up the huge messes in the bathroom that Cayden makes (wet toilet paper on the walls, oh my!). I love ya bebe and I'll miss you while you're gone. Hugs and Luvs, Little

Anonymous said...

What can I say but.... Precious!!! I love those boys for sure!!! Thanks Tiff & Coby for sharing them!!! Lady