Monday, February 14, 2011

Corbin's Valentine's Day Party

Corbin and Mrs. Tomlinson (his kindergarten teacher)

Making a Valentine's Day card

Showing off his Beautifully DELICIOUS Valentine's Day necklace.  Very masculine if you ask me!

I can't be sure but he may just have been trying to impress "jacklyn" with his MAD arrow throwing skills!

Today, was Corbin's Valentine's Day party in his Kindergarten class.  We've been sick for over a week, but I COULDN'T miss it!  I went and helped out and tried to capture the "valentine's day" mood while** I coughed and sneezed everywhere. ** Mrs. Tomlinson must have been thrilled!  I probably should have stayed home...but Corb kept asking if I was coming to his party...and I couldn't say No.  It was fun and helped me feel good during the whole hour I was there.  The rest of the day wasn't so great...but maybe next year we'll be healthy and my anxiety will be in check!  :)  

**I was very careful with my coughing and sneezing.  Only in my arm and I used lots of hand sanitizer.**

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