Sunday, December 22, 2013

Seeing the lights at Temple Square

One of our traditions each year is to bundle the kids up and head downtown to Temple Square to see the lights.  We went with Marse and Lance and their family and Honey.
Although it was rather chilly, they were NOT a disappointment!
Cute cousins!

Even COLE was happy...for the most part.
Here he is thinking if he made a "good" decision to come.  Don't you love his gloves!!  Fitting like a "glove" did NOT apply here!
A little posing with Honey.  Cole looks like he's ready to make a mad dash...thank goodness he's strapped in!
We took a hot chocolate break as we watched and listened to the Nativity playing across from the Visitor's Center.
Me and my bundled baby!
Honey and two crazy 4 year olds (ish) and an ever growing Corbi-Mac!
LOVE this guy and his rugged, handsome face!  
These two are two peas in a pod!  Great buddies and I couldn't be happier!
We walked downtown and got to see the candy windows.  I've never seen anything like this.  It reminded me of something from the movie "A Christmas Story" LOVE that movie!  It never gets old to me.....that and "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation."  BEST MOVIE EVER!  I really could watch it at any given time!

Seeing the lights always gets me SO excited for Christmas!!!  It's only a few days away!!!  Eeeeek!

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