Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already!!  After having a little Chinese food at Joanne's and a fun tiny visit, we came home and started our own little family's Christmas Eve.
We started a new tradition this year.  We gave the kids a new movie and all the treats to go along with it and plan to watch it together as a family after we open a few more gifts. Coby and I each took one of the older boys to go shopping for everyone in our little family.  They each did extra chores to earn money to buy gifts this year.  Here Jaden is giving Corb the special gift he picked out...a yoyo!
Jaden LOVED the gumball machine Corb picked for him.  I on the other hand.....
Here's Corb giving Cole his gift.
 Cole wasted NO time digging in to RIP that sucker apart.
But after it was all unwrapped....he seemed to enjoy the paper just as much as the present itself!
Here's a shot of the warm hat and mittens Corb gave him.  He would have NOTHING to do with trying it on...and then needed a mommy love.
Sweet...now Coby can smell like a MANLY man! 
Jaden gave me some "diamond" earrings!  Clearly, I was SO excited!  
I couldn't keep my LIPS off that KID!
And here's our very own SUPER man!  And SUPER he is!!

It was a GREAT Christmas Eve!  The kids are snug in OUR bed...another tradition!  And Coby and I are off to help "Santa" arrange and wrap the presents.  It's going to be a LONG night!  I hope it goes relatively quickly because I'd like to spend a little time with just my Coby!

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