Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not a creature was stirring....WAIT...

That's right....we had a UNINVITED guest staying with us for a week or two.
This ugly little thing has been going all over...apparently!  I would find "traces" of him and just about DIE.  Then I'd go nuts cleaning, vacuuming and lysol-ing EVERYTHING I'd see he'd been.  GROSS!  I had Coby get a trap.  It was a fancy metal trap that the mouse could get into easily from two sides and then get trapped inside.  It had a clear you could see if in fact we'd caught him.  Well, that little mouse was SMART and NEVER bothered to try and eat the peanut butter Coby's put out for him.  Finally I told Coby ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH...and that if I had to live in a house with a dog that shed incessantly, boys that pee on toilet seats...I WAS NOT living with a MOUSE too!  I mean, come on...I had to draw the line somewhere right?!!   SO...he got few of those little sticky pads you see our little friend hanging out on in the picture above.  How quickly did they less than 10 minutes!  NOW that's FAST!!
When I saw it...he kind of startled me...and then I felt bad for him.  YES, I wanted him out...YES, I think mice are gross...but that sensitive part of me...the part that can't actually hurt living things no matter how vile I think they are (except for spiders...I feel good about having them killed....ALWAYS!!)  So, I decided that he needed a "last meal" if you will.  So, I gave him a cheeto and some peanut butter.  I won't lie...every time that mouse would squeak...I would drop it and run out the bathroom door!  Corb finally had to come to the rescue and put it on the sticky trap for the mouse.  Then...Coby promptly took him out with his goodies and placed him neatly in the trash can.  
Sorry little mouse...but if you want to have to find another home and NOT in mine!  Tell your friends!  :)

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