Sunday, December 01, 2013

Decorating for Christmas

Most favorite picture of the season!!
It may LOOK like he's helping...HELPING to take all the ornaments DOWN!!
After getting home from choosing Christmas ornaments that represented each of us individually, Coby turned on some jazzy Christmas music and we all started decorating the tree.
Corb has been VERY sporty this year, so he got the "sports" ornament.  Coby got a Football, Jaden got a glass wrapped piece of candy, and Jack got a little blond haired blue eyed boy on a sled.
I got a glittery pink shoe and since Cole is the little lamb boy...he got a little lamb!  
And here it is...all decorated!

I made an ornament garland and strung lights around them and hung the stockings with CARE.
Here is Jack's Angel tree.  We miss him!  I love this tree.  It decorated so beautifully and we wrap it up every year so that we won't ruin just how nicely it's put together...but I HATE that we have an ANGEL tree.  
I love the glow of all the Christmas lights.  I just wish the Christmas season could just last a little longer than only one month.  It's always crazy with all the family parties...but it truly is the BEST time of the year.  

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