Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cole turns 1!!!

I sure LOVE this squishy little lamb baby of mine!  He was a trooper today as he went for his year check up WITH shots!  :)  I always hate when they give them shots for those two seconds of torture.  He got three shots and cried...but not as long as I thought he would have.

His stats are:  31 inches for height (80th%)
                      24.6 lbs for weight (90th%)
                      19 inches for head (90th%)

In a nutshell.  He's healthy, with 7 teeth (4 on the top and 3 on the bottom), he can take a few steps, he can say "MaMa, DaDa, Ut-Oh, This...".  He's very stubborn and wants what he wants when he wants it...ten minutes ago!  I think it's the red hair!  But those dimples...OH those dimples melt me every time he grins!  He's starting to FINALLY sleep through the night...FINALLY!  By far the slowest one to figure that one out!  He LOVES and I mean LOVES his white blankey.  The one that was Jack's.  He likes to eat scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese for breakfast.  But as of late, he LOVES bananas.  Like Jack, he has to have both hands FILLED (to the point of dropping things) of whatever treat you are giving him.  And he has to have at least ONE each for BOTH hands!  He loves food!  LOVES it!  And I'm happy he's a good eater!  He loves his bottle now...finally!  He loves to give kisses...wet slobbery ones! And he LOVES his daddy and brothers.  I would say that I think he loves me best...but I think he loves to make me the MOST crazy!  Sometimes he just whines and whines for me to hold him and then WON'T let me put him down.  It makes for cleaning bathrooms interesting to say the least!  He hasn't been the easiest baby...and if I'm being honest, he's been our hardest so far!  Coby says it's because all the others were born during warmer months...I hope he grows out of it!  Because trying one more time for a little girl is looking less and less likely!  :)  

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